Dreading The Map (Documentary Film)

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Documentary filmed at the Royal Geographical Society in London, commissioned by CARICUK, led by Dr Pat Noxolo from the University of Birmingham. It features a dramatic sculpture by visual artist Sonia E Barrett. The project aims to transform discussions about race and anti-racism in UK higher education institutions.

Gennaro AmbrosinoDreading The Map (Documentary Film)

Kevin Westenberg (Interview)

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Exclusive interview to Galerie Prints, in Wimbledon, London, with acclaimed music photographer Kevin Westenberg, whose work includes iconic portraits and album covers for Sting, R.E.M., Thom Yorke, Marilyn Manson, and more.

Gennaro AmbrosinoKevin Westenberg (Interview)

Opening Dao (Documentary Film) – Trailer

by Gennaro Ambrosino on 6th October 2016 Comments Off on Opening Dao (Documentary Film) – Trailer

Trailer of ‘Opening Dao’, a short documentary film on Taoism and martial arts, filmed in China in 2009.

Gennaro AmbrosinoOpening Dao (Documentary Film) – Trailer

‘Khate – Waste(d) Children’ (Documentary Film)

by Gennaro Ambrosino on 6th October 2016 Comments Off on ‘Khate – Waste(d) Children’ (Documentary Film)

A short documentary film, and charity project, highlighting the gravity and harsh conditions of children who end up living and working on the streets of Kathmandu, in Nepal, and the work of Kathmandu based NGO SathSath to empower them to realise their potential as valuable members of society.

Gennaro Ambrosino‘Khate – Waste(d) Children’ (Documentary Film)