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Crowdfunding videos are at the heart of our specialty and passion. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the most innovative start-ups across the UK, supporting them through successful equity crowdfunding campaigns on Seedrs and Crowdcube, helping them to raise over £20 million in private equity, with impactful and effective pitch videos.

Key to a successful crowdfunding video

A successful crowdfunding video seamlessly blends the key elements of various types of videos. It combines the persuasive aspects of a marketing video, showcasing the product’s unique selling points through a compelling narrative that forges a personal connection with the audience, with the authenticity and brand consistency of brand videos, as the unique personality of the brand should shape every facet of the crowdfunding video, from the script’s tone and narrative to the visual storytelling.

Storytelling for a compelling investment opportunity

What sets a crowdfunding video apart though is the focus on its unique target audience – potential investors. In addition to showcasing the product’s distinctiveness and the brand’s identity, it strategically incorporates essential elements of a business proposition like key metrics and market data. These essentials components not only demonstrate the product’s value but also present a compelling investment opportunity to potential backers.

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Supporting start-ups at every step of the way

As creative visual storytellers and London-based crowdfunding video experts, we’ve transformed countless pitch decks into compelling fundraising videos. Our involvement spans the entire journey, from ideating a creative story concept to crafting scripts, storyboards, and ultimately, producing and delivering engaging and efficacious equity crowdfunding campaign videos.

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It all starts with a discovery call and a free consultation. We look forward to supporting your start-up at every stage, ensuring that your crowdfunding campaign is not just a funding endeavour but an impactful and memorable visual story, leaving a lasting impression on your potential investors and backers.

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