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Alchemedia is a full-service, London based video production company, specialising in brand, corporate storytelling, and crowdfunding videos.

Over the last 6 years we worked with 100+ innovative start-ups, and established companies from a variety of sectors. With key partnerships with business, marketing and fundraising experts, and a team of creatives and copywriters we can assist entrepreneurs in their fundraising journeys, and companies to achieve their business goals.

We are passionate to help brands connect authentically to their audience, establishing trust through compelling origin, value, and impact stories, and captivate their viewers with engaging cinematography, and visual storytelling.

What We Do



Whether you already have a brief or only the seed of an idea, we can help you develop the concept of your film. There is not ‘one size fits all’ solution, that’s why we start by outlining the essence of your brand, which will inform the style of the film to reflect your brand’s uniqueness, tone, values, target audience, and goals. We can provide script writing and storyboarding as part of this process.


We can film and edit your video. We’re passionate to approach filming and lighting cinematically and can make also a boring office look awesome. Visual storytelling is at the core of our process to create engaging videos by filming b-rolls, which give context and authenticity to your message, and by implementing motion graphics, and animations.


Scallop Chain animation (no team)


We can provide animations and motion graphics to enhance your live-action video or as a full bespoke explainer. The creative concept, style, and scenes are outlined in an original storyboard, making sure your brand’s identity is well represented throughout. Animations can be a great way to communicate complex ideas creatively, and motion graphics can generate the right impact when highlighting key figures and information in your pitch video or corporate message.


We can help you optimise your investment by going beyond the production of a main video only. Whether you’d like to work with us to produce a crowdfunding pitch video or a corporate, brand video, we can outline together a video content strategy, so that out of the same filming session for your main video we can produce a series of short videos to complement your content strategy, and social media marketing campaigns.


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