How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Video?

by Gennaro Ambrosino on 12th December 2023 Comments Off on How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Video?

A crowdfunding video is not a brand video, and it’s not a product or marketing video. It’s all of the above…and more. A successful crowdfunding video seamlessly blends brand, product, and investment elements. This concise guide takes you through the essentials, from crafting compelling narratives to leveraging emotional connections. Ready to elevate your crowdfunding game? Let’s get started.

It’s a product and marketing video:

The core of your proposition is a product or service. The explanation of its USP, both embedded in the narrative as well as visually (with live action footage and animation – especially effective to represent complex ideas, for instance for tech products) is key to illustrating its impact in solving an existing problem and disrupting a current model or market. A marketing video is a direct sales tool, and yes, when you are pitching to potential investors, you are (also) selling your product. This becomes particularly relevant if you’re running an equity crowdfunding campaign, reaching also non-professional investors, who may decide to back your venture, primarily because they see the usefulness of your product or service and they may already be or become your customers and users.

It’s a brand video:

Of course, it goes beyond that. It’s coming on board, it is joining your journey, so the crowdfunding video, likewise, a brand video is an opportunity to show what you are about, what your company’s values and purpose are, creating an emotional connection, fostering brand loyalty and ambassadorship.
The brand story for a startup pitching for a seed round could well be an origin story – how the idea for the product or service came about, what were the founders’ insights, perhaps the result of a personal experience, etc. Being quite crucial to have the founders and key team on camera in a crowdfunding video, to offer a glimpse into their personalities, commitment, and motivation as well as background and expertise, this is where brand and pitch videos merge.

Also, the brand identity, both visual and in terms of tone, should inform every aspect of the video. If you think that, being an investment video, giving numbers to crunch to numbers crunchers is all that matters, you will end up with a series of dry and boring talking heads…you don’t want that!

It’s a crowdfunding video:

But yes, it’s a fundraising video after all, a tool that can be instrumental to a successful crowdfunding campaign. It will include elements unique to its purpose, such as business metrics and market data, to make the case of an enticing investment opportunity, which you won’t need in a brand or marketing video.


It’s a bit of a ‘solve et coagula’ situation, bringing creative elements together and extrapolating them subsequently to go beyond a single purpose – when considering a crowdfunding video for your startup, the ideal approach is to make the most of your resources. This involves creating a compelling fundraising video while also producing additional content like a product video for your website, and brand and marketing videos for your social media and advertising campaigns — all within the same project and film shoot.

If you’re curious about how we can do this for you, let’s have a chat.

Gennaro AmbrosinoHow to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Video?

🎥 Crowdfunding Videos: Beyond the Deck 🚀

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Investors prioritise factors like an experienced team, proven business model, traction, market opportunity, and (a justified) valuation, as highlighted in a recent Seedrs investor survey. During the webinar presenting the findings, it was also emphasized the key role of crowdfunding videos in the decision-making process.

Establishing Trust with Crowdfunding Videos:

Establishing trust is crucial, especially when individual investors are making emotional decisions with their money. Seeing the faces behind the venture becomes a key factor, playing a significant role in fostering confidence and trust. The pitch video becomes the window into the founders’ personalities, drive, and values, offering a glimpse that a deck simply can’t.

Storytelling for a Broader Audience

There’s also to say that with crowdfunding, your audience isn’t confined to professional investors alone; it extends to casual investors, who could potentially be your future customers – individuals keen on using your product or service. For this broader audience, the storytelling aspect becomes particularly significant. The emotional response and authentic connection conveyed through crowdfunding videos become paramount.

Connecting on a Personal Level

Your potential investors will very likely want to review your financials (as the survey found 97% of investors see financials as important) – and ideally, your investment deck should include that. However, they are also individuals who are emotionally invested in your story. They want to connect with the people behind the project, understand the journey, and feel a genuine resonance with your mission.

This become especially evident when considering that investors are looking for exciting market opportunities, which at the same time can align with their values.
For instance, the survey found that 78% of investors consider ESG factors when making investment decisions. Among these, 80% prioritise environmental considerations, emphasizing the increasing importance of sustainable practices in investment choices. Additionally, 74% express their commitment to investing to have a positive impact on the climate.

The Power of Crowdfunding Videos

Crowdfunding videos are an opportunity to weave together the story of your team, the impact of your product or service, and the vision you’re striving to bring to life. The emotional appeal and relatability embedded in the video are instrumental in building trust and forging a connection, essential elements when engaging both professional and non-professional investors.

In essence your pitch video not only attracts investment but also builds a community around your brand, anchored in shared values and a commitment to positive impact.

Gennaro Ambrosino🎥 Crowdfunding Videos: Beyond the Deck 🚀